Birthdays and Buckeyes

The Big Day

One year ago today, I sat down to scan two photo albums filled with pictures and build I remember sitting in front of my computer with Bill at my side, scanning pic after pic for hours on end as Bill created his yearly collage. Never in my wildest imagination did I think would become what it is today. For the first few months of off-season time, we would get 20 to 30 hits a week, all from the close knit family that makes up our tailgate. We used the site as a means to stay in touch, make some off-season contacts and events, and just to say 'hi'. Now in its first full season with weekly updates from all home and away football contests, averages over 500 visitors a week from all over the United States, and all over the globe. I have been approached on numerous occasions by tailgaters and fans that recognize people from our tailgating family, many of whom I have never met, that are impressed by our persistence and our passion, and enjoy seeing just how much fun we have.

And so on this the 1st birthday of, I want to remind you all that this is not about me. This is OUR birthday. WE make what it is...together. I can't thank you all enough for all of the support I have received, the suggestions that you've made, and the messages you have left on the board. continues to grow, and it will get better and better as years pass. I dream of the day where every game has a "Previous Meeting" to look back on to spark a memory of a great game, great tailgate, or great friend.

In addition, with your help I continue to strive to make this a better website...and I am far from done. is slowly becoming a part of Michigan Football, and I refuse to stop until it is something that every Michigan fan knows about. It is our legacy, online, and no one can take any of the images, prose, or poetry away from us.

Again, I thank you all for making another way to GO BLUE.

310 Days Go By Fast, eh Jim?

Each year there is one thing you can count on. Michigan and Ohio State play their last game of the regular season against each other, and it ALWAYS means something. Countless Big Ten and National titles have been decided in Ann Arbor and Columbus in November, and this year it is no different. Make no mistake, Ohio State is coming to town this weekend to stop Michigan from claiming the Big Ten championship.

In addition, Michigan vs. Ohio State occurs on Thanksgiving weekend in Ann Arbor for the first time since 1985. There is no place I would rather be to celebrate all that I have to be thankful for...starting with the fact that I was not born in Columbus, and I've only had to visit that cesspool one time in my 25 years of existence.

Not to be forgotten, there are several other birthdays to celebrate this weekend, highlighted by that of Tuba and Captain Michigan. Both will most likely be too drunk by gametime to remember, so be sure to wish them a happy birthday before 9am.