Trombley Wins Challenge, P.E.T.A. Protests

The Duke Blue Devils, behind solid coaching ideals left behind by current Michigan basketball coach Tommy Amaker, defeated the Arizona Wildcats for the 2001 NCAA Men's Basketball National Championship. The Wildcats were obviously unprepared, as their final four game was against a mediocre Spartan team that managed to only beat teams seeded 16, 9, 12, and 11 respectively. The Blue Devils victory vaulted Jason Christopher Trombley, Warren De La Salle and University of Michigan alumnus, into the winner's circle. Reached at his home in Chicago, Trombley (affectionately known as JT) said quote "When do I get my money? I got bills to pay." It wasn't all fun for the little lovable trouble maker, as the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (P.E.T.A) protested the victory. Daris Dewberry, P.E.T.A. charter member, said "Anyone that swallows a large, live goldfish and then pukes up the scales with a smile should be locked up."

Joining JT in the winner's circle, coming in second place, was Andrew Van Tassell, Western Michigan student and two-time UMTailgater. Andrew played host (though we got him tickets:)) at Western for our hockey trip in January, and made the trip to Happy Valley in 1999 for the Penn State game, fighting off people with Bill and I in the student section. Andrew could not be reached for comment...he was drunk.

Coming in third was Brian Robillard, representing Riverview, and also a University of Michigan grad.

Congratulations to all of our winners for their great picks, to the Arizona Wildcats for eliminating the Spartans, and to Lloyd Carr, for coaching the 1997 National Champions. Special thanks go out to all that participated, and I hope we can do something like this again. I hope you all continue to visit to check out the activities of 'the greatest tailgate group ever assembled'.