Survivor 3: Outdrink, Outfloat, Outfornice

Hmmmm... it's been a long time between updates. Summertime can cause a football/tailgating website to run a little short on material. Plus, when you are an up and coming's tough to find time to be a webmaster. So, once again we change gears and discuss an up and coming journey that I'm taking. It's 15 or so of my friends...and a couple of enemies. setting sail in a deluxe houseboat out on Cumberland Lake in Kentucky. Armed with kegs, cases, and fifths...the brave souls will attempt to Survive for 4 days on the water with no contact with the outside world, little food, and a bathing suit.

The prevailing question between friends is "Who is going to die?" I have my suspicions, but who am I to speculate? Hopefully... technology willing...we'll be able to put it to a vote online.

Over the next few weeks, the page and the message board may become a little hub for the trip, and I invite everyone to participate in any interesting discussions that may come up. Otherwise, hold out until August...when we turn our attention toward the boys in blue. Lots more to come. Stay tuned.