Hackers Infiltrate Polls...Suspects At Large

At approximately 3pm EST, the Pre-survivor tournament polls closed. Voting was coming in at an alarming rate and an administrative decision was made by the Webmaster to shut the system down. A new poll was created, displaying an apologetic message. 15 minutes later, the re-created blank poll registered 33 votes to a non-existant answer...a tell-tale sign that some kind of automatic system was being used to register votes.

So, a new system is being used that will hopefully curb the re-voting issue. If this does not fix the problem...we'll just have to deal with the results... I only ask those that are voting to vote just once. We will complete the entire round of 16 on Tuesday, with the polls closing at approximately 10pm. Thanks for your cooperation.

Meanwhile, local police have identified the culprits of the hack. Known only as "Crazy" and "Trouble", the two have been causing havoc all over the Ann Arbor area.