All About the 'M': Mayhem, Milestones, Marriage, and Miami (OH) at Michigan

Over the Hill: 50 Straight For 2 Tailgaters
Those who stay will be champions. Bubba and Stephan W attended their 50th straight Michigan game on Saturday, enduring what may have been the most boring Michigan victory ever. The Godfather presented several of us with commemorative champagne with personalized labels marking the boys place in history.

Not to be outdone, Bildo presented all of us with new Michigan Nike hats, and Goody presented several of us with personalized Michigan hats. The gifts, speeches and hugs...the season is starting...the family is together again.

Finally, several message board regulars were able to put faces with message board names. It was nice to meet some people for the first time... even though I already felt like I knew them.

The Captain Drinks Some Captain...Then Goes the Way of Jordan
About half way into the tailgate, our friend Larry dissappeared. Minutes later, Captain Michigan appeared with a duffel bag full of yellow socks and passed them out to the tailgaters. He announced that he was ready to leg wrestle again...right now. He quickly disposed of Goody, Tuba, and Brian.  I warned you all...don't ever count out the Captain. He'll be leg wrestling until his 6 feet under...and then he'll wrestle God.

It Doesn't Get Any Bigger
No doubt, the Michigan vs. Miami of Ohio tailgate was the biggest ever. I am pretty sure that everyone that I've ever known was there. Noticibly absent were the Bolivians, who I thought might make the trek from South America for the game. A quick shout out to those that travelled from far away to make it to the game... Bildo and Tuba flew in from New York, and UManiac came in from Wisconsin. I tip my Michigan hat to all of you that come to the tailgates despite the fact that every game is an 'away' game for you. I want to thank everyone for attending the first real tailgate since the creation of People know us, people know this website, and the support and thanks I received throughout the day (especially that which came from people I have never met) is enough motivation for me to keep this thing running forever.

Up Next
The Wolverines travel to Seattle for their next game against Washington. Washington has some of the same issues that Michigan QB, new Offensive Line. It should be an interesting matchup. It would really SUCK to fly all the way out their to watch us lose, so cross your fingers for the Maize and Blue and the travelling tailgaters.