Gone in 60 Seconds

Rick Neuheisel has the honor of being part of two of the most dissappointing losses in Michigan history. In both instances, one of which is probably airing on ESPN Classic right now, Michigan was clearly the better team, but ended up with the 'L'. Michigan was unable to seal the deal in picturesque Seattle, Washington, and headed home to Ann Arbor with its first loss of the young season. In less than 60 seconds in the 4th quarter, the Huskies blocked a kick and returned it for a touchdown, and returned a Navarre tipped pass for a touchdown 2 plays into the ensuing Michigan drive. It could have easily been a 15-6 Michigan lead...instead, shocked road fans looked up at the scoreboard finding the Wolverines down 20-12. Play calling was suspect, and the lack of a big play quarterback made THIS Michigan fan want to head down to Columbus and beat up a baseball player.

Either way, what's done is done. We move on. We fix our mistakes. We continue to tailgate.

We stayed in good spirits and had a great time in a great city. The pictures on some of the later pic pages are from a trip we took up near Mount Ranier.

The Enemy Infiltrates the Road Tailgate

Notable guest at the post-game tailgate was Tyler Krambrink (left), Husky linebacker and a relative of the Godfather. On the shelf with a broken arm, Tyler will be ready to play for the Pac-10 season opener...and down the road when we rematch the Huskies in the Rose Bowl. Rumors around the Michigan program say that someone tipped off the Huskies to our complicated offensive gameplan. Could it be the Godfather that told his cousins...we run left, run right, then throw 4 yard out patterns on 3rd and 7?