Starting Out on the Right Foot

Changing Your Expectations

You may have wanted John Navarre to play well, maybe even 'wow' you. You may have wanted the running game to be efficient, and the line to gel. You may have wanted Marlin Jackson to return an interception for a touchdown. You may have wanted to see consistency from the special teams. When Troy Nienberg missed a 27-yard field goal with 1:24 left on the clock, you may have wanted to bury your head in the sand. But when the Wolverines lined up for a 44-yard field goal with :05 on the clock, you remembered the ONLY important thing. You wanted to win. Each of us shared that same 'feeling' as the kick went seemingly perfectly through the uprights, giving Michigan a season opening 31-29 victory. That elation will be something that stays with us. However, as the days, weeks, and months pass, and the season progresses, the sunburn on our faces will heal, the score will dissappear. That feeling will eventually fade, perhaps even faster than the feeling of dissappointment would have. One thing will remain, and it is the most important thing in all of competitive sports...the 'W'. We won. We are 1-0. Hail to the Victors!

Thanks For Visiting

A quick nod to our tailgating friends and relatives of the Godfather that made the trek from the Northwest to the Big House. We always welcome those who come bearing pretzels and smoked salmon. You folks are a class act and we wish you and Tyler the best for the rest of the season...unless we cross paths again in Pasedena that is.
Movin' On Up

The Wolverines moved up 3 spots in the ESPN/USA Today Poll to #7, leapfrogging the Nebraska Cornhuskers. In the AP Poll, the Wolverines moved up 6 spots from #13 to #7, again leapfrogging the Cornhuskers, but also the Buckeyes, who had been bumped ahead of us after their opening victory.

Award Winners

Chris Perry earned Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week honors with his 120-yard, 3 TD performance. Philip Brabbs collected the Big Ten Special Teams Player of the Week for his game-winning field goal.


The Webmaster

Michigan Who?

No Respect...Or Nothing To Respect?

Feverish, excited, dedicated, determined, engulfed? Ready. That's what I feel right now. I'm ready. I spent the opening weekend of college football glued to the television. Season previews abound on ESPN and ABC, Wisconsin on Friday, Buckeyes on Saturday, while in between the action, I delved into my newly arrived ESPN The Magazine, SI's, and Playboy's (Note: Big 12 College Girl's Edition) college football preview editions. Here's an afterthought... MICHIGAN IS AN AFTERTHOUGHT. Quite possibly the most off the radar top 10 team ever.

Ask the 'experts' and the Wolverines aren't even mentioned in the same paragraph, let alone the same breath, as the words 'National Championship' or even 'noise maker'. The question du jour in the early previews was undoubtably 'Which team has a chance to come from no where to make it to the Fiesta Bowl?'. It came up on ESPN Gameday before the Wisconsin game, it came up on ABC before the Buckeye game, it came up several times on ESPN radio while I drove around Ann Arbor, scouting our spot on the golf course and giving a reverent nod to The Big House. Which team is going to be the surprise? The Georgia Bulldogs were mentioned often. Corso mentioned the Saban led LSU Tigers. Michigan State was talked about. Washington State got a nod. But no Michigan.

Is that because Michigan wouldn't be a surprise? Nope. The concensus around the media world is Ohio State will win the Big Ten. If not, then Sparty will surely win. No mention of the Maize and Blue. These media folk must have been absent during the Big Ten meeting where the Wolverines were picked to win the Big Ten just a month ago, and just weeks ago when the Wolverines became the highest ranked team in the Big Ten in the associated press poll. We're a victim of silent ballot syndrome. Sure, they'll write the Wolverines down on a piece of paper and send it in, but ask them a question on national television, and the Wolverines are no longer the glamorous pick. In the wake of a mediocre 8-4 season, the glamor is in NOT picking the Wolverines.

It sucks not to be talked about nationally, and it pisses you off a little more when your red-headed step-child of a neighbor is getting all the local press. Yet, there is a certain amount of gumption that builds when you feel you are underrated. The problem is, we're losing it both ways in the media battle. We aren't talked about, which may cause a team or two to not think of us as their biggest challenge, which would be to our advantage. However, we are a top ten team, and that's difficult for anyone to look past when preparing for us. So I take it all back. I no longer want the top ten ranking. I want to be 20. I want to come from no where, which is exactly where the media seems to want to put us in everything... except for the polls.

Michigan Replay Premier

Just when I thought that no one believed in us, Sunday morning Jim Brandstatter hosted the first episode of Michigan Replay with Lloyd Carr. The proverbial Michigan homer show brought up my spirits. Notably different this year were the preseason comments from the players. Everyone knows Michigan's goals each year are to win the Big Ten and let everything else fall into place on its own. But you'd never know it by the comments of the likes of Ronald Bellamy and defensive captain Victor Hobson. 'National Championship' was uttered by both players. Have the goals been changed?

Dawg Day Revenge

It's palpable now. The season is almost here. The Huskies are coming, and they're bringing 6'4'' 220 pound Reggie Williams with them. Pay backs are on the minds of Michigan fans, especially those that travelled the 2300 plus miles to see John Navarre and Special Teams throw away last year's game, giving the Huskies 2 touchdowns in 60 seconds off of turnovers.

Important tip for the season: Just remember that Marlin Jackson is #3 now, not #20. That's kind of important. Some of you may remember the previous #3 in the defensive backfield. I assure you this is not the same guy. The previous #3 is gone, I promise. This is particularly important for Steph and Bubba to keep in mind, especially after a few cocktails.

The pregame page is available by clicking here, or by going to the events page and clciking on the next game box.


The Webmaster

Gone in 60 Seconds

Rick Neuheisel has the honor of being part of two of the most dissappointing losses in Michigan history. In both instances, one of which is probably airing on ESPN Classic right now, Michigan was clearly the better team, but ended up with the 'L'. Michigan was unable to seal the deal in picturesque Seattle, Washington, and headed home to Ann Arbor with its first loss of the young season. In less than 60 seconds in the 4th quarter, the Huskies blocked a kick and returned it for a touchdown, and returned a Navarre tipped pass for a touchdown 2 plays into the ensuing Michigan drive. It could have easily been a 15-6 Michigan lead...instead, shocked road fans looked up at the scoreboard finding the Wolverines down 20-12. Play calling was suspect, and the lack of a big play quarterback made THIS Michigan fan want to head down to Columbus and beat up a baseball player.

Either way, what's done is done. We move on. We fix our mistakes. We continue to tailgate.

We stayed in good spirits and had a great time in a great city. The pictures on some of the later pic pages are from a trip we took up near Mount Ranier.

The Enemy Infiltrates the Road Tailgate

Notable guest at the post-game tailgate was Tyler Krambrink (left), Husky linebacker and a relative of the Godfather. On the shelf with a broken arm, Tyler will be ready to play for the Pac-10 season opener...and down the road when we rematch the Huskies in the Rose Bowl. Rumors around the Michigan program say that someone tipped off the Huskies to our complicated offensive gameplan. Could it be the Godfather that told his cousins...we run left, run right, then throw 4 yard out patterns on 3rd and 7?