Gutter Ball

Out-matched Wolverines Embarassed in Citrus Bowl

First, for those that have never made the journey, let me tell you all a little bit about the Citrus Bowl. It is similar to going to a baseball game at old Tiger Stadium. The parking areas are a mix of gravel and grass. Local shops include a 'drug' store, a liquor store, and a pawn shop, and all have bars on the windows. The pagentry of BCS bowl games is missing here. The only thing 'Citrus' available at the Citrus Bowl were small bottles of Tangerine juice, obviously left over from the newly resurrected Tangerine Bowl played a week earlier. The food inside included cheese steak sandwiches, smoked turkey legs, popcorn, and hot dogs. All of the food was of the quality of, in the words of Stephen W., 'a food stand in a 3rd world country'. After we all completed a cheese steak sandwich, a churning buring sensation arose in our stomachs. Luckily, Bubba and I chased our cheese steak sandwich with with the turkey legs, which were obviously leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner at a local soup kitchen. The bacteria in the Turkey legs killed the fungus in the steak (which was not beef by any stretch of the imagination) and we survived. Thank goodness they served beer at the game, as the alcohol further dampened the effects of the food poisoning that we all endured.

Why am I going on an on about the conditions of the Citrus Bowl, and the food there? Because despite all of it's shortcomings, the stadium outshined the Wolverines, as the untalented John Navarre left our outmatched defense on the field the whole game, and Tennessee rolled over the Wolverines 45-17. Perhaps this is the wake-up call we needed, perhaps this will lead to bigger and better things down the road, perhaps John Navarre has started his last game. All of our questions will be answered in a little less than eight months when the Huskies come to town on August 31st.

I hope everyone enjoyed the tailgating season and I thank you all for visiting the site so often. There will be alot of changes on the site before the next season starts. Until then, I hope you all continue to check back to see the winter reunions, spring game, and summer exploits of the upcoming return to Cumberland Lake. Use the message board to keep in touch. I hope to hear from and see you all soon.