March Madness

In what is sure to become a yearly tradition, the fans, friends, and mainstays of came together for the first time since late November. We discussed the impending NCAA tournament, talked about The Godfather's daily activities, watched the Michigan vs. Lake Superior State hockey game, and drank a lot of beer. However, we couldn't get Captain Michigan quite drunk enough...his lips are sealed.

Special thanks go out to The GodMOTHER, who let The Godfather stay way past the alotted time on his minute-by-minute schedule.

One Shining Moment

It's that time of year again... March Madness is upon us. That means it is time for the 2nd annual Tournament Challenge. Last year's winner was Jason Trombley of Chicago, Illinois. This contest is by invitation only, but an invitation is easy to get. Send an email to to get instructions on how to enter and the rules.