One Moment In Time

Blue Out After A Blow Out

With all that has occurred this season, one thing has stuck in my mind. As some of you may know, I sit in section 30 for almost every home game. Each year, a new crop of Freshmen Michigan students get their student season tickets, and are assigned to section 30. I feel like sort of a mentor to them, this year more than most, as a small group of Freshmen have taken quite a liking to the crew, and marvel at our hospitality, our spirit, and our commitment. Getting back to my point...the fans this year have been louder. The Penn State game was where it was most evident. Penn State quarterback Zack Mills was forced to call a time out at one point in the game because his teammates couldn't hear the cadence. I've never seen that before in Michigan Stadium.

Feeding off this energy, and going with the trend of university issued T-shirts, Michigan students have organized 'Blue Out', where students will all wear identical blue T-shirts. Those that travel have seen this a couple of times this season. Notre Dame's 'Reutrn To Glory' shirts seem to work, Illinois's 'Muck Fichigan' shirts were less successful. Now that we've seen the exciting (Washington, Penn State), the mediocre (Purdue, Utah), and the horrific (Iowa), I can only hope it's time to see the spectacular, the dominating, and the focused. Hopefully, the Wolverines can regain the fan's respect and re-energize the crowd that has so far done so well. The season is not over. Lloyd is not on the chopping block, Bobby is. Though he plays like it sometimes, John Navarre is not on drugs. Win out, and it's a ten win regular season. Keep the faith, and keep cheering. Go Blue!

Emmy Winning Actor to Appear at UMTailgate

Yes, that's right, our own Bill "Bloomfield" Hasler will be bringing Tim Busfield to the UMTailgate this Saturday. Known best for his role as Elliot on tv's Thirtysomething, Tim has also appeared in other tv shows such as Family Ties and The West Wing, and has appeared in several movies, most notably Revenge of the Nerds and Field of Dreams. There is one problem...Tim is from East Lansing. We will try not to hold that against him as we eat, drink, and prepare to demolish the Spartans.