Still the Best: Team Can't Take Away the Spirit of UMTailgate

What Makes Me Tailgate?

I love tailgating. I love Michigan Football. I love the feeling you get at the beginning of the season, hoping for perfection, having a clean slate, and knowing destiny is in control of the players on the field. I love seeing family members, both blood and tailgate inherited, in the unique setting that is the tailgate. I love seeing people grow up, grow older, and change as the weeks pass. I love the concerned look on the faces of others, wondering what my reaction will be after big losses. I love the way we inadvertently cheer each other up. I love the way names stiched into tailgating history make grown men cry. I love the way the wives and mothers marvel at the cooking abilities of the young men in the group. I love that 'away-win' feeling, when the home fans clear out and the Michigan players know and acknowledge the presence of their travelling fans. Iowa fans got that feeling this weekend. I love the superstitions, and the fact that we are undefeated when I wear a certain hat, a certain pair of socks, or see an opposing fan wearing a certain shirt. I love the class, the spirit, and the history surrounding Michigan Stadium and that we would never make a player or players bigger than the team by hanging a giant poster depicting them outside it. I love the way the Godfather has welcomed me into his tailgating family the same way he welcomed a small group of college students in Notre Dame eleven years ago, and the same way he welcomes all the newcomers each week.

I love tailgating. I love Michigan Football.

All Time Great Ass-Kickings

Michigan had it kicked, re-kicked, then force-fed to them by the Hawkeyes this weekend. Michigan suffered their worst home-loss since 1967. Iowa dominated every facet of the game, and most importantly dominated the scoreboard, defeating the Wolverines 34-9. Here's a list of some of the other greatest ass-kickings of all time:

Nolan Ryan over Robin Ventura: In 1993, Robin Ventura charged the mound to take out Nolan Ryan, only to be put in a headlock and repeatedly punched in the face.

Brian Herrgard over Tarek: In 1986, at Forest Elementary school, Tarek was dominated in a playground brawl in the first and only Riverview Wrestlemania.

Southgate Tough Guys over Dean Mourselas: In 1992, in front of the Southgate Harmony House, Dean was torn from his bicycle, and beaten by a group of unnamed assailants. His bottom tooth poked a hole in his bottom lip, requiring stitches.

Hulk Hogan over Andre the Giant: In front of a record indoor crowd in the Pontiac Silverdome, Hulk Hogan defeated Andre the Giant by way of a body slam, followed by the signature leg-drop and pin.

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