Spring Into Action

Practice Makes Perfect for Team, Tailgaters

On Saturday, April 13th, the Wolverines took the field against the Wolverines in the annual Spring Game. An estimated 25,000 maize and blue faithfull showed up to watch. They didn't paint the endzones, they didn't keep score, and each unit's jerseys didn't even always match... but nobody seemed to care. We came to release ourselves from winter cabin fever, break out the dusty picnic tables and coolers, get the flag down off my apartment wall, and reunite in a place where we are most comfortable, the Big House. A record number of UMTailgaters were in attendance for the Spring Game tailgate, and that butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling that we felt walking into the stadium for the first time in 5 months was second only to the heartfelt reception prior to game.

Who won?

If your talking about the game, they REALLY didn't keep score. If your talking about the quarterback job, I'm already sick of all the press, and John Navarre is getting the pressure. He was outperformed statistically by both Gonzales and Brinton. But it's Spring, and from what we've all been told, the job is still John's to lose, and what we saw Saturday had little to do with the offense we should see in the fall.

If you are taliking about the 2nd annual UMTailgate.com tournament challenge, the top 2 point-getters were in attendance, and they received their checks (can you say 'BOUNCE'?) as well as a token gift of a personalized coffee mug from the Godfather. Much to my surprise, I got one too, inscribed with the "Team Leader Award". That old guy just keeps getting more creative with all of his spare time. Note: I sold mine on EBay...and I think the Godfather bought it.

If you are talking about the Big Game Lottery, no one won that, and the jackpot is at $300 million+ on Tuesday. My plan when I win is to purchase our corner of the golf course, move the green back 40 yards, and put up a small tailgating house with bedrooms for our visitors, a kitchen for our tailgating cullinary artists, and bathrooms for our ladies.

If you are talking about the "Who came the longest distance to watch a practice?" contest, that winner was Tuba, who received a specialty drink, a variation of the 'Manhattan' called 'The Bronx'. 3 parts watermelon pucker, 1 part Captain Morgans... tell your local barkeep.

The next event is still in question, but there are a lot of things in the works for the summer, so stay tuned. 4 and a half months until the Dawgheads come to town.


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