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Hello again everyone. I hope you enjoy the new format. Bear with me as I go back and update previous pages to fit into the new format. I have attempted to go back and change the links so that everyting works in the interim, but I am sure I made some mistakes. If you find any errors or weird occurances, please email them to A couple of new things have been added. First, all of the menu links are now imbedded at the top of the page. The Extras link will take you to a new page that has some downloadable desktop wallpapers. The Events page has been improved with added graphics and pulldown menus for each year. The Home section replaces the previous 'News' section and will have the latest cover story as well as links to recent stories.

Summer...AKA The Period Between the Spring Game and the First Game

I really miss writing those childhood essays entitled How I Spent My Summer Vacation . Last year, that essay would have been a half torn piece of paper soaked in Red Bull and Panchero's Salsa, with one crayon etched word...Kg'wreat. This year, it's been a little less exciting, a little less hazy, and a lot less expensive. Nonetheless, it has been eventful...

Event #1: Another Michigan Fan

On June 29th at 10:15AM Danielle Tabar entered the world. Now a one-month old, Danielle and mother are both doing great and Andrea loves her new little long as everybody knows that she's still number one. Caleb...don't even think about it.

Event #2: The End of an Era

The Lonestar Steakhouse Ann Arbor, home of the annual birthday party and post-game celebration, has closed it's doors for good. No longer will Captain Michigan, Goody and friends be able to sexually harass their fine staff. No longer will The Godfather be able to demand that he be able to receive Captain and Cokes in his giant mug. Yes my friends, Dennis has cried his last tear in the private backroom of Lonestar Steakhouse.

Event #3: A Night In Manchester

Never mix your tailgating life with your real life. That's the quote that they'll put on my gravestone someday. On July 3rd, I attended the annual Manchester Fireworks Extraveganza. Captain Michigan, Janet, Goody and friends were all on hand, swilling spiced rum at accelerated rates until the fireworks began. The fireworks in Manchester is something really special. It's basically 20 members of the Men's Auxillary sitting in nearby trees continuously lighting and throwing sparklers. Fun.

The night progressed following the fireworks, as toothless wonders from surrounding areas gathered en masse at The Beer Tent. At this point, Goody and I were slightly more than faded. From there, memories are spotty at best. Beer was served in (hopefully rinsed out) old half-gallon milk cartons, and it seemed that many people felt the need to just give me these half-gallon beers. You, um...give things to eachother.

Flash-forward... I woke up at 5:30AM alone in the backseat of my car. Nice.

Upcoming Updates

Season preview and more fun stuff is coming up next week...stay tuned.


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