It's March Madness...Again

Get Married...Or Tailgate?

UMTailgate's family congregated once again, as the annual Winter Reunion took place at Fraser's Pub in the heart of Ann Arbor. Beer, Captain, and fried foods filled the table for the seven hour marathon that included witnessing a dissappointing performance by the Michigan Basketball team.

Throughout the event, I personally received more than my fair share of pressure from Shane "Goody" Goodell. Goody, who previously gave me the impression that he was forced into a fall wedding by his bride to be, has scheduled his wedding for a GAMEDAY. Yes, the son of a hall-of-fame tailgater has performed the ultimate sin, scheduling a personal event on the day that the maize and blue will take the field. In addition, he has suggested that I attend his wedding in lieu of travelling to Minnesota. For some, this is a difficult decision. For others, just an inconvenience. For me, my most difficult decision is where I plan on staying in the Twin Cities.

Actually, at this time, I would like to personally invite Goody to the Minnesota game on October 11th. Since he's never been to Minneapolis, I thought he'd enjoy a nice weekend out of town...breakfast at Al's Breakfast, beer served in the stadium, and Michigan on the field. By my calculations, there's a good chance he'll have nothing to do that day anyway, but in case the improbable is still scheduled, he'll have to make the decision. Get Married...or Tailgate? Actually, it sounds like the next Fox reality show. See you all next month at the 'Spring Game/Practice'.