The Wind At Our Backs

It was windy. Really windy. And it was cold. Too cold for mid-October in the middle of Illinois. There were a lot of places we'd have rather been. The tarp walls of the pop-up tent made it tolerable, and the small fire pit of a neighboring tailgate was enough to get the feeling back in your fingers. After some food and drinks, we found our rhythm and finished strong, even after the pop-up was blown 20-yards across the parking lot.

The Wolverines weren't much different. It was obvious that they didn't want to be in Champaign. Nothing to get fired up about. Just another Big Ten lackey in the way of destiny. So we came out flat. A couple of miscues, and suddenly the Fighting Illini had fought their way into a 17-10 halftime lead.

Any other day, any other team, and you would have had a raucous crowd to deal with, but most of the Illini faithful had already given up on this season, and many decided to skip what they thought would be a slaughter. A non-sellout crowd tried to yell and scream but their efforts were quelled by the whipping wind, and the second half Illini efforts were quelled by the swarming Wolverine defense.

But let us not forget Mike Hart. 40 carries, 234 yards. That's the most yards in a single game by a running back since Tim Biakabutuka's 313 yards against Ohio State in 1995.

After a 20-2 drubbing in the second-half, Michigan came out of Champaign with a 30-19 victory, staying undefeated in the Big Ten with 4 games to go.