Hurts So Good

Winning a Roadie

Despite the fact that the Hoosiers were grossly outmatched for Saturday's game, Michigan's victory was still sweet. Winning on the road for the first time this season, Michigan manhandled Indiana, 35-14. And trust me, the score was not indicative of the difference between these two programs.

Of course, it was not all sugar plums and fairies for this Wolverine team, which is struggling to find its identity. Be a team that establishes the run, be a team that establishes a medium range passing game,  or launch it up to the gamebreaking, and now Heisman trophy candidate, wide-receiver. Interesting questions for an interesting team. We continue to have some trouble running the ball, even against the porous Hoosier defense, and we have had more than our share of miscues in the form of turnovers. But time heals all wounds.

Thank goodness there are teams like Indiana on the Wolverines schedule. Each lopsided matchup helps us to find that identity, and gives experience to our young quarterback, young running back, and a tough-to-gel offensive line. Were coming together, and if we can get just a little veteran leadership from our juniors and seniors, special things CAN happen.

Little Brown Payback

Now there's no more time for testing. The real season starts in less than a week. The #10 and #11 rushers in the country are coming in to Ann the same time. Leading them onto the field will be a group of pissed off Gophers, looking for revenge from the greatest comeback in Michigan history. The Wolverines already failed a gimmie-game in South Bend, and now they face their first real test, against a real team, a team that is ranked above them.

Homecoming Theme

Unofficially (still waiting for confirmation on the message board from Sister Kristen) the theme for the weekend will be Southern Soul Food. Think fried chicken, collard greens, and the like...Sister Kristen will have more ideas for you on the board soon.