It's Sparty Week... let's look at Penn State pictures and get depressed. 

Penn State Stuff

Lost in the shuffle of the devastating loss was a spectacular tailgate.  The 5th iteration of the annual RV trip was a resounding success, and included tons of great food, including three giant stuffed Chicago style pizzas from our friends at Fat Rickey's.  Thanks to them and to the fellas that came together to make the trip great.

Pictures are here:

See You in 2020

It's not easy to accept, but losing to Penn State every 12 years is something I'm willing to deal with.  In addition, now that the game is over I have no problem putting my money behind the Nittany Lion horse as they attempt to get Grandpa Joe one last championship.  This is especially true since we have a stake in Penn State football as WE STILL OWN THEM.  One win is not going to change all of that.

Once again, flashes of the team we all hope that Michigan will become made a brief appearence in the first half, just as they did against Illinois...and Miami of Ohio....and the second half against Utah.  We've played some half-games this season, just no full ones.  We're gonna need a full one this Saturday against little brother.