So I Take the Week Off...

...and Captain Funnypants adorns the front of the world's greatest tailgating website with a pot leaf. Hmmmm. I guess when the cat's away the mice will play. But there's been no Iowa preview, no one really stepped up in my absence. That's unfortunate, but I'll be back in full force next week.

So here's the Iowa mini-preview:

  • Iowa lost last week to Indiana

  • Drew Tate watched video of Michigan vs. Penn State and pooped his pants

  • Michigan leads the series 39-10-4

And here's the mini-predictions:

The Hammer:

  • Well the game everyone has been anticipating has arrived, although maybe not on the week expected. Ladies and gentlemen it is game three of the road to Ohio State. To recap, MSU wasn't a trap game nor was Penn State, so let me introduce you to the Iowa Hawkeyes. Battered, beleaguered and recently upset by one of the worst teams in the country. And what do we have to play for? We don't owe them anything and they're not very good. So let me ask again, what do we have to play for? Some may caution that this is the same University that almost pulled off an upset in the big house in '97 and that the same could hold true this year. But my theme for the season has been validation. Prove yourself each week. And Lloyd thankfully is on my side...

  • There should be something in there that's a motivating factor, because we don't live in a vacuum. We know where we are. If we're a smart football team, which we have been this year, then we understand that you better be focused on who's coming to town this week and what we need to do to get better. I think that's clear for all of us." Loud and clear. Crystal.

  • Michigan 31
    Iowa 10

The Xbox

  • Michigan 14, Iowa 10

The Webmaster:

  • Michigan 24, Iowa 0

Johnny Cleveland:

  • This has all the makings of the scare/trap game.  Iowa was supposed to be
    vying for a share of the Big Ten title and they go and lose to IU last
    week.  That coupled with *6 still being out are the worst things that
    could happen as our focus could be lost.  But this squad has been resilient
    all along and won't stop now.  Look for Iowa to lead early and maybe even
    at the half.  But the D will create turnovers eventually and we will be
    able to leave early to watch Game 1 of the series.  Michigan 30 Iowa 21

    OMVP : Hart
    DMVP : Hall