Case of the Mundys: Still Tired From Never-Ending Drive From Minneapolis Edition

I have come to the crossroads my friends, and I have chosen a new path. It happened tonight. I have approached this football season with such cautious optimism that I have come close on several occasions to physically holding my lips together with my index finger and thumb when inspired to start spouting off about the success of this year's Wolverines. We're good. We're great. Just be quiet about it. Walk with a quiet confidence like the Wolverine squad did after dismantling the Gophers. Stride together, arm-in-arm. Pick up the Little Brown Jug. High five each other. Walk back to the locker room. Sing the victors. Go home and start thinking about Michigan State. All business.

Since Notre Dame, I've been teetering between this quiet confidence, and exploding into a fit of joy over our performances, and now the first 5-0 start since 1999. Tonight, I read this post from Ronald Bellamy's Underachieving All-Stars, which includes such brilliant writing and expresses my feelings so well, that I would like to hire this person to write my memoirs, which will most certainly be a best seller. Here's an excerpt that doesn't do it justice:

They deserve your allegiance, your respect; they deserve at least a mulligan ... though after holding the 8th best run offense in America to 108 yards, at home, it seems peculiar that they'd even have to ask for one. It's October now, and the team that last year had taken you on a disorienting waltz to the outskirts of hatred has already become the enemy of your own expectations, the ones this team has created in just four games.

Not a minute after completing the read, I got a call from The Hammer, whose emotions are often worn on his sleeve, and whose allegiance was in question during last year's campaign.  He had also read it.  It was then that the switch flipped for me, right there on the phone. I'm no longer quietly confident.


I AM READY TO TALK SHIT TO YOU, SPARTY. JoePa and Drew're next. I will heretofore treat you all with the same disdain. Not because of something you did, but because you are in the way.

Get out of the way of my date on High Street in Columbus.

And Columbus, well, that's a story for a later date, filled with an anger so pent up, that its only parallel is the level of "pent up" I was after subbing in for Bubba after he puked at his bachelor party.

Yes, I know, a wounded Michigan Agricultural College is on deck, and the scare is still coming. It's #6 on the list. But it's just a scare folks, not a loss.

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"I would say he's (David Harris) playing as well as any linebacker that I've seen this year anywhere."
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The injuries:
  • Antonio Bass...ready to back up Henne in 2007

  • Mike Kolodziej... not ready to tell us why he is out for the season.

  • Tyler Ecker: ankle...status uncertain for MSU.

  • Jamar Adams: undisclosed, status uncertain for MSU.

  • Chris Graham: right thigh injury, status uncertain for MSU