Weekend Roundup, Underdog Edition: 8/27/2012

Gameweek?  Gameweek.

Weekend Roundup... More Polls, Less Sense Edition 8/19/2012

Here's what happened around the internets while you pondered if you should carry extra cash for  your scheduled layover in Minneapolis on the way to Dallas.:

Weekend Roundup, Media Guide Edition: August 12, 2012

The 2012 Michigan Football Media Guide is out (actually it's been out for a little while).  I remember when the media guide was a heavy $20 bible you'd run out and get at the MDen before the season started, and you'd go through page by page, marveling at the amazing history and tradition of Michigan Football.  There's probably some old timers from the tailgate that remember when the media guide was reserved for the media.  Now it's a publicly distributed pdf file, and those same old timers are squinting and reading a manual to figure out how to download it and save it as a file on their "internet boxes."  Ah, times they are a changin'.  It's available here in all of its glory.  And it's a big pdf, so be patient....especially if you're still rolling free dial-up internet from Net Zero.

Anyway, here's what happened around the internets while you sat in the fetal position in a corner wondering if the fact that Fitz was cleared to practice means he might play in Dallas.

  • ESPN's power rankings discuss Michigan at #8.  The have the weight of the world resting on Denard's shoulders.  Denard covers some boilerplate keys to season, and the pundits talk about our difficult schedule, and O and D line issues.
  • Michigan Basketball is on the map.  ESPN hopes to cover a rekindling of the rivalry of the 70's and 80's between Michigan and Indiana when Gameday travels to Bloomington on February 2.  I'm in.  Somebody find me some tickets.
  • The Shreveport Times covers the flame out and exit of the Honey Badger, who will be taking his talents to FCS football in the hopes he can make an impact worthy of an NFL draft position.  I'm not sure what Musburger and Lundquist will do with all that airtime during LSU games that has been freed up now that they don't have to suck Honey Badger's nuts.
  • MVictors breaks down the media guide records section, and covers the historical numbers that might be in play this season.
  • Trey Burke is thinking national championship, and an ESPN blogger thinks he's not crazy.
  • Ugh Ugh Ugh.  Roy Roundtree had arthroscopic knee surgery and is out for the next two weeks...as in  "A lot of guys come back in two weeks (from surgery like this)," Hoke said. "Our doctors did a tremendous job, we have a great medical staff."  Let's hope it's as minor as everybody at Fort Schembechler says it is.

Bullet Point Tuesday: Massey's Messy Knee, the BTN, #2, Henne, and Russelloyd

  • Reports are in that Mike Massey is out for the season. This makes the Carson Butler reinstatement a stellar move by Lloyd. Without Butler, we are looking at walk-ons, has-beens, and never-will-bes...you know, like Mike Massey.

  • Michigan will become the first team to be a part of the BTN hat-trick, with 3 consecutive games on the network that you can't get in Ann Arbor. Ya, that makes sense.

  • Congrats to Shawn Crable on being named the Big Ten Defensive Player of the week. Five tackles for loss? I barely noticed. Oh ya, I forgot Shawn has been dead to me since this. INSIDE-OUT MAN! INSIDE OUT!

  • We now know that Henne had a ligament tear in his knee. We know because he said so. Wow. What would have happened if we were told what the injury was back when the injury happened? Way to go Fort Schembechler. You have shown once again you can keep a pointless secret.

  • And in the MUST SEE VIDEO OF THE YEAR, an ESPN story on Russelloyd, (viaMGoBlog) the hottest couple since Bennifer whose relationship is single handedly replacing recruits lost by the App State disaster. Better yet, it's narrated by the My Wish Guy, Chris Connelley.

Case of the Mundy's: Do You Know Where Mundy Is? Edition

The Monday injury report, which is often just ripped straight from the Angel over at the Detroit News, was named after injury prone Ryan Mundy.  You might be surprised to find that Ryan Mundy transferred to West Virginia, using the odd NCAA rule that allows a graduated athlete with eligibility remaining to transfer without penalty to another University and play immediately.  Due to Mr. Mundy's Benndict Arnold-like move, I have decided to change the name of the weekly injury report starting next week to "Pain in the Bass," which honors the former speedy thrasher Antonio Bass, who is entering his second season on the injured list. 

On with the brief injury report:

  • RB Carlos Brown: 3rd on the depth chart at RB behind Hart and Minor.  Slated to return kicks and punts before injury.  Had surgery on his right hand last Tuesday.  Should be back sooner than originally expected.  Lloyd says he may be playing or practicing by Oregon.

  • OL Alex Mitchell: undisclosed. Probable starter before injury. Word is he'll miss ASU game and probably Oregon.

  • OL Jeremy Ciulla: undisclosed.  Probable starter. Missed a week of practice.  Should be OK for start of season.