Bullet Point Tuesday: Massey's Messy Knee, the BTN, #2, Henne, and Russelloyd

  • Reports are in that Mike Massey is out for the season. This makes the Carson Butler reinstatement a stellar move by Lloyd. Without Butler, we are looking at walk-ons, has-beens, and never-will-bes...you know, like Mike Massey.

  • Michigan will become the first team to be a part of the BTN hat-trick, with 3 consecutive games on the network that you can't get in Ann Arbor. Ya, that makes sense.

  • Congrats to Shawn Crable on being named the Big Ten Defensive Player of the week. Five tackles for loss? I barely noticed. Oh ya, I forgot Shawn has been dead to me since this. INSIDE-OUT MAN! INSIDE OUT!

  • We now know that Henne had a ligament tear in his knee. We know because he said so. Wow. What would have happened if we were told what the injury was back when the injury happened? Way to go Fort Schembechler. You have shown once again you can keep a pointless secret.

  • And in the MUST SEE VIDEO OF THE YEAR, an ESPN story on Russelloyd, (viaMGoBlog) the hottest couple since Bennifer whose relationship is single handedly replacing recruits lost by the App State disaster. Better yet, it's narrated by the My Wish Guy, Chris Connelley.