Weekend Roundup: Inelligible Player Edition: 10/1/07

First of all, Happy Birthday to UMTailgate.com's own Johnny Cleveland, who turns [age redacted] today!

And now the possible bad news...

During the post game tailgate on Saturday we were listening to ESPN Radio and the announcers said something about Michigan losing a player "off the field" in some weird way. Of course, the satellite radio crapped out on us before we heard what the situation was. And during the long ride home, we were unable to find out. Now the news has hit. Artis Chambers, who played special teams in our first four games, has been ruled ineligible for Big Ten play. From what I've gathered, Bill Martin screwed up on some logistics, and while he can't actually tell us what the problem actually was, it seems (according to the experts) to be academically related. Then came the scary possible outcome...Michigan may be forced to forfeit the Big Ten game in which Chambers participated. That would be the Penn State game. Most pundits are now reporting it's more likely to be a "slap on the wrist" situation, and we won't lose that game. What is really odd is that he was elligible by NCAA rules...just not by Big Ten rules. Ya, um, what? Let me say this: If we somehow bow down and give up a game for this mistake...I'm going to drive to Big Ten headquarters and attempt to fist fight teach a lesson to Jim Delaney. Then I am going to return to Ann Arbor and fist fight teach a lesson to Bill Martin. For good measure, I will fist fight get someone to teach a lesson to Artis as well. Why? Because I can think of two instances in which an ineligible player (by NCAA rules!) was used in a game, and forfeiture was never even mentioned:

1. Troy Smith

2. Maurice Clarett

This is bullshit. On to the rest of the weekend that occurred while you were busy becoming a genius...