Weekend Roundup Says Leave Harbaugh Alone

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Here’s what happened around the internet while you booed Andrew Luck, which, by the way, you can totally do. Dude was the franchise, played his ass off, suffered a bunch of injuries, and finally decided it was better to hang it up. Maybe he gave it all he could, putting his health on the line trying to bring a title to Indianapolis, but he he walked out with two weeks to go before the opener and got paid $100 million…there’s nothing that says you also have to be nice to him.

  • Jim has been on the receiving end of quite a few click bait motivated gems in the past week.

    • First the manufactured feud with Luke Fickle, the Adam Sandler-looking doofus auditioning to for the post-Dantonio MSU job. Luke tried to get Jim to lie to get Hudson eligible. Jim didn’t do it. So twitter decided Jim was responsible and an asshole. And the line blurs to where people are thinking Harbaugh is blocking transfers, which is not the same as a transfer eligibility waiver, and doesn’t matter BECUASE THE COACH HAS NO BEARING ON TRANSFERS OR ELIGIBILITY. But that narrative doesn’t make for more clicks, so instead Myles Sims family sees the Hudson story and says “Hey! That must be what happened to us! Harbaugh!” So that story comes out too. So now we have a (unfounded) pattern, and a growing number of angry Tennessee fans that are still pissed that Charles beat Peyton are coming out of the woodwork thinking Harbaugh’s next victim is Aubrey Solomon.

    • Second, the new John U. Bacon book Overtime, which you can buy right here, has some blurbs that when taken out of context came off a little arrogant and inflammatory. My favorite part however, is that Harbaugh is quoted as saying “It’s hard to beat the cheaters,” which sent the SEC into an uproar. Funny thing is, he never mentioned the SEC. Hmmmm. Anyway, Wolverines Wire has a nice recap of all the controversy manufacturing.

  • The Wolverines are a “heavy favorite” (obviously) going into Saturday’s game with Middle Tennessee State. You taking the Speed in Space Wolverines minus 34???

  • Freep takes their best guess at a depth chart.

  • Michigan’s future running back Blake Corum is an inch shorter than Mike Hart and had 4 TDs on national television Saturday afternoon. Maize and Brew rounded up the videos for your enjoyment.


Weekend Round-Up: By All Means, Let's Only Talk About Basketball 3/5/2018)

Julie Jacobson / AP

Julie Jacobson / AP

A roundup of the things that happened while king of excuses Tom Izzo ran out of them.

Weekend Roundup Hits the ATM

I don't typically endorse vandalism, but when I do...it's on this loser.

I don't typically endorse vandalism, but when I do...it's on this loser.

While You Were Drinking: Makin' Bacon Edition

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  • Predicting the College Football Final Four is pretty re-damn-diculous in August, but it looks like everybody is doing it.  Sports Illustrated has us.  Jerry Palm does not, and leaves out the Big Ten entirely.  By the way, the Peppers "regional" SI cover actually is distributed in 25/50 states, including Ohio, which makes me happy just thinking about those toothless bastards putting Playboy style covers over the copies in the liquor stores - of which they have the most per capita.
  • Zach Gentry is a man with a cannon and a 250 pound frame.  But Michigan is a team with a bunch of quarterbacks, and only one can play, so Coach told Zach he's going to be a Tight End.  Zach is accepting it, which probably makes him a better (Michigan) Man than you or me.
  • Imagine what it must be like to continue to support one of the most infamous pedophiles in American history...that's the life of a Sandusky family member.  Jerry finally spoke - says his lawyers f'ed him.  Fill in your own pun here about tit for tat, etc.
  • Alex at MGo profiles the B1G West, which is a hot mess of teams that would finish 5th in the East.  Personally, I like the Wildcats coming out of that side before Fitz runs off into the sunset for one of the big openings.
  • Bo had open heart surgery 40-years ago, then basically did Michigan Replay while jogging during his recovery.  Why?  Because he's tougher than you.  And that's why he lasted another 30 years.

While You Were Drinking: Camping Edition

Here's what happened this weekend while you snuck in 40 drinks at last call: