Case of the Mundy's: Do You Know Where Mundy Is? Edition

The Monday injury report, which is often just ripped straight from the Angel over at the Detroit News, was named after injury prone Ryan Mundy.  You might be surprised to find that Ryan Mundy transferred to West Virginia, using the odd NCAA rule that allows a graduated athlete with eligibility remaining to transfer without penalty to another University and play immediately.  Due to Mr. Mundy's Benndict Arnold-like move, I have decided to change the name of the weekly injury report starting next week to "Pain in the Bass," which honors the former speedy thrasher Antonio Bass, who is entering his second season on the injured list. 

On with the brief injury report:

  • RB Carlos Brown: 3rd on the depth chart at RB behind Hart and Minor.  Slated to return kicks and punts before injury.  Had surgery on his right hand last Tuesday.  Should be back sooner than originally expected.  Lloyd says he may be playing or practicing by Oregon.

  • OL Alex Mitchell: undisclosed. Probable starter before injury. Word is he'll miss ASU game and probably Oregon.

  • OL Jeremy Ciulla: undisclosed.  Probable starter. Missed a week of practice.  Should be OK for start of season.