We Miss You Already...


In breaking news out of the ahh-nus (sorry, Borat seems to be everywhere) that is East Lansing, it seems that the John L. Smith era has come to an end. John L. has apparently accepted a $1.5 million buyout of the remainder of his contract. According to Joe Ferguson, Vice Chairperson of Michigan State's Board of Trustees, "What we need here is more players. What we need here is better recruits. We don't make excuses. What we need is more depth and more players." Which poses the question: What the hell is a Vice Chairperson of the Board of Trustees?...and do the Wolverines have one? The news has sparked mass celebrations throughout E.L., but in lieu of riots there have been just a few private couch burnings.

John L. has posted a 22-23 record for the Spartans, and has never beaten Michigan or Ohio State. He will go down in history as the only coach to lead a team to blow a 16-point 4th quarter lead (Notre Dame), and come back from a 35-point deficit (Northwestern) in the same season. It was that kind of inconsistency that made him the perfect fit for Sparty, but alas, 

the tribe has spoken

. He will coach the remainder of this stellar season in an attempt to push his record over the illustrious .500 mark and get those Sparties to the Motor City Bowl. Good bye John L, I look forward to seeing you slap yourself in the face as an assistant coach in a non-BCS conference.

It appears Ron English's name is getting tossed about on the short list for next head coach, which makes me laugh. Because we all know who the next coach will be... the Mooch and the Izzone united in perfect Sparty harmony. Love it.