Case of the Mundy's: Devil's Night Edition 10/30/06

It's Halloween Eve, known around these parts as Devil's Night. I say "these parts" because in my neverending journey to learn something new everyday, I found out that Devil's Night is native to the state of Michigan, and more specifically Detroit. Nice! All this time I thought that people nationwide were destructing property and setting fires. But it's just us. So get out the toilet paper, eggs, and door knocking devices and head out to the streets to cause some mayhem. If you are in or around the city of Detroit, you might need to step it up a notch, so get some gasoline and burn down a crack house or two. You can always go the other route and be a big wuss and try to stop Devil's Night by participating in Angel's Night. Either way, remember that the important thing is that you have fun, dress up, and steal candy from children.

The weekend that was...

  • Michigan vs. Ball State is hijacked by the Worldwide Leader and put on ESPNU so nobody can see it. Shouldn't we have ESPNU in Ann Arbor anyway? Half their crap is probably live from Cliff-Keen. [Freep]

  • MGoBlog wrestles with crappy ponchos and the question of crappy offense vs. hiding the offense. [MGoBlog]

  • Angel gives Michigan's Offense a B- for Saturday. Reminds me of the time a prof gave me a B- when I told him that he must have lost my final exam (that I didn't take). [Detroit News]

  • Mark Snyder says Ball State will heal our offensive wounds. [Freep]

  • Apparently the sun rises and sets with Mario. [Sporting News]

The injury report...

  • Antonio Bass...just a week closer to a medical redshirt

  • Mr. Kolodziej....just a week closer to jack squat.

  • Reuben Riley: Not all that injured...and not all that good. Will probably start against Ball State.

  • Tyler Ecker: right ankle injury...could return (seriously) for Ball State.

  • Mario Manningham: knee...ran this week. Before you get too excited though, I can run too. I think we'll see him in Bloomington on a limited basis, then in full force in Columbus...of course, full force is a relative term.