Why? Because of This...

It's over. But it's been over. It would have hurt a lot less if there they had never given us a glimmer of hope. But they did, and by "they" I mean the media...the voters...the BCS. We lost to Ohio State on November 18th, and we were all ready to let the dream die there. On Sunday the 19th, because of our valiant effort, Michigan fell from #2 to, well, #2. Unexpected? Yes. Unprecedented? Yes. Real? No. Though the pollsters and the computers kept the Maize and Blue in the #2 spot, they were really always #4. They were always behind USC and Florida. The idea of a rematch was only part of the problem. It was the fact that not only would Michigan get to play Ohio State again, but they would be playing them back-to-back. As the cold weather dictates that the Big Ten end their schedule before Thanksgiving, Michigan had no more games to play. Their last game...Ohio State. Their next game...Ohio State? Too much to stomach for the world outside of the Midwest. Not good on paper...not great for TV...no go for Big Blue.

You needn't look far to find if we are the best one loss team, and if the pollsters dictated the game they wanted instead of #1 vs. #2. Imagine if you will the expected USC victory over UCLA. USC heads to Glendale easily. But what do the BCS standings look like? No doubt we remain #3, and Florida remains #4. Florida moved only to create a matchup, and that is unfortunate.

Another scenario that puts us in Glendale? Take the bye week we previously had and use it, then play a patsy during "championship weekend." Michigan beats Vanderbilt 27-7 this weekend, and it's off to Arizona for Carr's boys. Note: Florida beat Vandy by 6.
However, that's not why we aren't in Glendale. We controlled our own destiny. We needed only to win in Columbus to go to the National Championship game. We didn't.

We have no argument. We lost a game. The rest is fodder for sportstalk radio.
So it's back to Pasadena for Michigan, the third trip to the Granddaddy of them all in four years. An impressive mark, even if it is mired in disappointment. UMTailgate.com is heading out west, so drop me a line if you are making the trip. And now that it is Florida playing Ohio State, I must say...GO GATORS! BEAT THE BUCKEYES! You can stick that "good for the conference" line right up your ass.


Oh, and the highly anticipated pictures from our trip to Columbus? They are right here. But they really suck.

P.S.  If you want to be super pissed off...look at this.