Case of the Mundys: Refocus Edition

How many people have asked you today how pissed off you are about the BCS championship game? No less than 15 for me. Well, I'm not pissed...I'm just disappointed. To be honest, I don't have any emotion left...November 18th took it all out of me.

It's time to refocus whatever anger and pain you may feel towards "the Florida coach," the former Florida coach, or the monkeys with darts over at the Harris poll...and direct it towards Pete Carroll. We are in the Rose Bowl folks, and if all you can think about is that this is a consolation game, then shame on you. It's Michigan vs. USC, a rematch of the 2003 Rose Bowl, and most likely a battle for #1...not for this year, but in next year's preseason polls. Seems like pre-season placement factors in to this BCS maybe that's important. Ya, probably not.  

Rounding up the weekend (and the last couple of weekends) around the internets:

Injury Report:

  • Just Antonio Bass, out for season of course.