Together Again

Ah yes, the beginning of spring. The skies are clearing, trees begin to bud. You can feel the warmth of the sun on your face. Oh wait. We live in Michigan. So it was great to see the snowfall accumulating Friday night, and to wake up Saturday morning not knowing if it was night or day with the sun eclipsed by the grey overcast skies.

But there was something beautiful about this particular Saturday. It was reunion day, the one day a year when we gather up the crew from the corner of Main and Stadium to break the monotony of the off season, to tailgate without a game.

We met at Fraser's Pub, an Ann Arbor staple for decades, and former regular watering hole for a young Godfather and Captain Michigan. They both told stories of carrying out incapacitated patrons, at that time in history, they were no doubt stopping them from riding home drunk in their horse drawn carriages.

So in typical tailgating fashion, we ate, drank, and reminisced. We even had an official tailgate meeting chaired by the Godfather himself, discussing themes and hall of fame inductions for the coming tailgating year. That's right, we were productive in our drunkenness.

The night ended with several of us sucking down chocolate-peanut butter shakes and looking at old tailgate pictures. Another successful reunion for our great tailgate.