Case of the Mundys 7/31/06

The 2006 version of the Michigan Wolverines will appear together for the first time officially when they report to practice Sunday, August 6th at noon. Freshman now report at the same time as the rest of the team, but with the rumors floating around about the year-round dedication of the Wolverine veterans, expect the likes of Brandon MinorQuintin WoodsCobrani Mixon, and Brandon Grahamwill have to play a little catch up. Not so for Carlos Brown (yes that's him in the picture) and Justin Boren, who "came out early"...of high school.

The previews continue and Athlon has provided a fairly in-depth, and totally free Michigan preview. It includes quite a few little gems, such as this one:

They didn't fall as far as some other traditional powers have in recent years and endure a losing season, but five losses just doesn’t cut it in Ann Arbor. Neither do four losses in five seasons to Ohio State, three defeats in four seasons to Notre Dame and three consecutive bowl game implosions.

They go on to point to quarterback depth as a serious issue...thanks 

Matt Gutierrez, I hope you enjoy Idaho State, and I hope you know that we all know that something shady went down before that 2004 season started, despite the triple deadbolt on Fort Schembechler. Also, there's this tidbit on the defense:
New defensive coordinator Ron English must find more playmakers to help Woodley and Hall. The Wolverines finished 10th in the conference in red zone defense and gave up crucial fourth quarter scores in losses to Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio State and Nebraska.

Wow. Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio State, and Nebraska. That's a third of the damn season.

Moving on... Every Monday, we will try to provide a comprehensive injury report, affectionately called "Case of the Mundys" in honor of Ryan Mundy's season ending shoulder injury last season. However, assembling an injury report from the information from the weekly press conference will most likely become a lesson in futility, so instead I will use a combination of rumors, innuendo, and crappy message boards to report on the latest list of boo-boos. So whether it's from Lloyd Carr, ESPN, or some guy named Ike that works with some player's aunt, it might just show up on here.

Injury Report:

  • Antonio Bass
    • INJURY: Injured knee during conditioning drill in spring practice on 3/16/06
    • BAD NEWS: Expected to miss entire 2006 season. Was a viable candidate to be the backup QB behind Henne.
    • GOOD NEWS: Prime candidate for a redshirt. So, maybe 3 more years of Antonio Bass.
    • GOOD NEWS: Carlos Brown ran the "Antonio Bass Offense" very well in the Spring Game
In website news, the migration continues. I can't begin to tell you all of the pictures and posts that have been discovered buried in servers and on backup CDs/DVDs that haven't seen the light of day in years. It's amazing what you lose every time you move, both physically and virtually.

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