The Bigger House?

For those not on the ticket holder mailing list, an email from Bill Martin has opened the doors on the stadium expansion project, and you can read it all right here. There are schematics (adobe acrobat reader needed), cost estimates, and even some letters between the regents and the athletic department. Bill Martin even has a podcast, which for you old folks is the equivalent of a radio address that is downloadable to your iPod. So high tech!

If you are still bored after clicking through all of that, get a good laugh from Arizona head coach Denny Green:

Matt (Leinart) is going to be a very good player. But I'm still very high on, and I haven't changed one bit, on the future of John Navarre. He's got everything you need to be a big-time player ... You know what? People don't believe a lot of things I say.

Oh, I believe you Denny...I just think you are utterly insane.