Dude. Suite.

I made the trek early this morning to Michigan Stadium for the "Stadium Tour," otherwise known as "the ONLY time your going to be allowed in the rich folk area," and let me tell you, I'm totally sold.  I had convinced myself way back when the the suites were just a twinkle in Bill Martin's eye that I would not be enticed by such a luxury, that I would only sit (stand) in the section I was raised in, good old 30, surrounded by the common folk in an area fueled by passion, belittling our enemies, and pouring our souls into a group of young men in winged helmets.

And then I saw them.

Now I want air conditioning, a big comfortable seat, and a waitress.  I guess I will just have to go from not wanting a suite...to not having any chance of ever getting a suite.  But I will tell you this:  The stadium tour today will without a doubt get them closer to having the suites and club seats sell out.  Once you see them with your own eyes, you're done.  My advice is to get over there today and take a look at what we've built together...with every ticket and t-shirt we've bought.

There used to be a question (outside of Ann Arbor of course) on what the best stadium in college football was, back when we were just Big.  Now there is no question.  The most beautiful, modern, classy....and still the largest...college football stadium.  The Leaders and Best?  Absolutely.

The suites are only located on the top floor of each of the structures...the 5th floor.  Here are the suite level pics:


4th Floor is the club level...


The 3rd floor is very similar to the 4th floor...


So ya, get down there...it's open today from 6am to 8pm.

So I Had This Idea...

...that I was going to be the cool guy again and show you a picture of the new field turf, but MVictors spy is better than my spy.  That being said, here's a nice one from before the letters were added:

Also, in case you were wondering where the website went all weekend...we were once again hacked.  Some enterprising bastards tried to use dark corners of my server space to spoof monster.com, trying to trick folks into giving out personal information.  According to the powers that be, no one took the bait, so that's good.  The bad?  A good portion of trickeration in the form of spoof code was hidden in the photo module.  So, ya, the photos are gone for a little while.  I think I'm gonna go with a more reputable host this time, in the hopes of not having to reload all the photos for a 4th time...that host will be the fine folks at google.  So look for that sometime before kickoff.

Hey Timmy, Welcome to the Second Largest Stadium

You've no doubt heard by now that The Big House may be giving up the title as the largest stadium for the next two seasons during the construction. In fact, from the looks of the Michigan Blogosphere, I may just be the last to give my two cents on the subject. The reality is that we've only been the largest stadium for the last 10 seasons. That's right youngsters, we were smaller than Tennessee's Neyland Stadium during the 1997 campaign. That season seemed to go well, eh?

So the inevitable question...does it really matter? I guess it does. It's something to hang your hat on if you're not winning National Championships every year. And we don't, so we take pride in the fact that we are part of the largest crowd watching a football game anywhere in America on a given Saturday. But the truth is, we didn't even manage that stat 


year. Following the 0-2 start for the Wolverines, the attendance numbers dwindled to a level at which there were more fans in Happy Valley than in Ann Arbor for two said Saturdays. So, if we are pissed...what are we really pissed about?

The truth is, in a war of seat building, Michigan can always win. The place is halfway underground, primed for second decks and/or third decks in the end zones. If we want it to be bigger, it will be bigger.

But what I don't want to see is gloating from Penn State. Of course, that's not possible, so I present this post from TINNOMJ. It includes the tagline "eat it, Wolverines." Cute. Actually, during official tallying of the attendance, Michigan gets to take 10% of the Beaver Stadium gate. Why? Because WE OWN PENN STATE. Oh, and f*ck JoePa for good measure, that geriatric old piece of sh*t. He hasn't actually coached a game since the 80's. He just stands there and smiles with that weird smush face smile and hikes his pants up repeatedly...and occasionally sh*ts himself.

Look what you made me do. You made me curse a living legend. And during lent no less.

Opinions galore:

  • "We love wheelchairs!" style article from MGoBlue.

  • The whole story from The Michigan Daily.

  • What really matters is wins and losses, so to our Penn State brethren, I say NINE STRAIGHT BITCH.

  • The use of the term "various-plegics" is not only clever, but also ridiculously funny.EDSBS.

  • MVictors reminds you that somewhere there is a Les Miles lover declaring this as RichRod's fault.

  • MGoBlog worries we're not going to get it back by 2010.

The Halfway Inn

Well, not exactly halfway, as construction is going to continue until leading up to the 2010 season, but apparently things are moving along quite nicely over at Stadium and Main. Here's the official release from MGoBlue, and considering I'm the last to alert the world of this, I'll give credit to MVictors for alerting me.

The whole thing reminds me a bit of the Iowa construction from 2005, which I didn't like very much. It's not exactly aesthetically pleasing to have a giant frame of a building (make that two buildings) hovering over the stadium during a game. But it's just temporary folks. Of note is that it seems the old press box will remain intact for the coming season, so you haven't seen the last of it yet.

I'm Out

Too many rumors, too much news...and it's all bad, if you listen to the pundits.

The truth is, it's all bullshit. The perception that nobody wants the Michigan job is retarded. The idea that Les Miles turned down the Michigan job is wrong. You can't reject that which has never been offered. The fact that it should have been offered is the problem here.

There's just too much information, too many opinions...so for now, I'm done giving mine. I'm waiting for real news. No more unnamed sources. No more rumormongering. I am waiting. Waiting for ink on paper. Waiting for press conferences. In the blognews age, it's too difficult for a fan to keep up with what is right and what is wrong.

But know this: This program is not dead. This program is not on life support. We are still the leaders and best. We are still the victors valiant. Hail to the Victors and all that shit. So relax. Flirting with disaster is not disaster itself.

Patience. Don't burn any couches until you learn officially that Debord and English are sticking around.

I drive by Michigan Stadium twice a day. It has occurred to me that in all of the pressure of the Ohio State game, and the goodbyes we gave to Henne, Hart, and Lloyd, we forgot to say goodbye to the oldest icon in Michigan football history...the Big House itself. I've watched day by day as the concrete has been torn up around the press box, and giant holes have been dug for the massive support beams that will hold up the structures that will tower over us for years to come. Today I noticed that the press box, which has been a part of the Big House since 1956, is beginning to come down.

Things are never going to be the same, are they?