Dude. Suite.

I made the trek early this morning to Michigan Stadium for the "Stadium Tour," otherwise known as "the ONLY time your going to be allowed in the rich folk area," and let me tell you, I'm totally sold.  I had convinced myself way back when the the suites were just a twinkle in Bill Martin's eye that I would not be enticed by such a luxury, that I would only sit (stand) in the section I was raised in, good old 30, surrounded by the common folk in an area fueled by passion, belittling our enemies, and pouring our souls into a group of young men in winged helmets.

And then I saw them.

Now I want air conditioning, a big comfortable seat, and a waitress.  I guess I will just have to go from not wanting a suite...to not having any chance of ever getting a suite.  But I will tell you this:  The stadium tour today will without a doubt get them closer to having the suites and club seats sell out.  Once you see them with your own eyes, you're done.  My advice is to get over there today and take a look at what we've built together...with every ticket and t-shirt we've bought.

There used to be a question (outside of Ann Arbor of course) on what the best stadium in college football was, back when we were just Big.  Now there is no question.  The most beautiful, modern, classy....and still the largest...college football stadium.  The Leaders and Best?  Absolutely.

The suites are only located on the top floor of each of the structures...the 5th floor.  Here are the suite level pics:


4th Floor is the club level...


The 3rd floor is very similar to the 4th floor...


So ya, get down there...it's open today from 6am to 8pm.