Your 2010 Home Game Tailgate Themes

We're less than 8 weeks from embarking on the most important season in the storied history of Michigan Football.  Okay, okay, maybe that's going a little too far.  Isn't the most important season for any team the next season?.  Of course, our situation is a bit different, as the future of our coach and a system that I desperately want to have work hangs in the balance.

But let's not lose site of what we're doing here....tailgating.  Our crew is on the move for the second year in a row, hoping to find a stable home in the shadows of Pioneer High School.  The spot is a little further from the playing field than last year, but it is also orders of magnitude larger, as we hope to spread out and breathe a little easier.  Again, if you are someone that thinks they are worthy of getting an invite or directions to our spot, be sure to email me as we approach the showdown with UCONN on 9/4.  And if you're stopping by, be sure to follow the theme for that week.  Without further ado...


September 4th, 2010, Michigan vs. UCONN:  The Caddyshack Theme

Last year's first game started what might just end up being a tradition of first games with movie themes.  Last year it was the Step Brothers inspired "Boats, Ho's, and the Catalina WIne Mixer."  This time, we're taking it back 30 years, celebrating the classic film "Caddyshack."  What does that mean?  No idea.  But some light brainstorming brought me visions of goofy golf gear, deep fried baby ruths, and the Godfather "stepping on a few ducks."

September 18th, 2010, Michigan vs. UMASS: The Christmas (or Festivus) in September

Hopefully a little cooler temperature-wise than Christmas in July, this theme is fairly self explanatory...though I'm not real excited about the color scheme.  They do sell Michigan Santa Hats at MDen if you are so inclined.  Can't wait to decorate the trees in "the cove."

September 25th, 2010, Michigan vs. Bowling Green:  The Bacon

This tailgate will center around the finest cut of meat you can purchase, smoke, and cure...pork belly.  And while this theme is food centric, don't hesitate to snag yourselfsome bacon gear to wear.

October 9th, 2010, Michigan vs. Michigan State:  The Urban / BBQ / Grafitti

This theme seems to pop up every season, combining soul food and southern BBQ with 40's of malt liquor.  Grafitti T-shirts are also rumored for this event.  More on that later.

October 16th, 2010, Michigan vs. Iowa:  The Carnival (Homecoming)

After disappearing in the 2009 season, the carnival returns with elephant ears, cheesesteaks, games, and prizes.  Plus, it's homecoming.

October 23rd, 2010, BYE WEEK....Vegas

November 6th, 2010, Michigan vs. Illinois:  The Thanksgiving Tailgate

Traditional Thanksgiving fare will be on the menu, only the turkey will (of course) be deep fried.  Dressing, green bean casserole...and I really want to get a turducken.

November 20th, 2010, Michigan vs. Wisconsin:  The German

We welcome the Badgers by celebrating their culture of meats in casings and giant beers in das boot.  Bonus points if you show up in liderhosen.