I'm Out

Too many rumors, too much news...and it's all bad, if you listen to the pundits.

The truth is, it's all bullshit. The perception that nobody wants the Michigan job is retarded. The idea that Les Miles turned down the Michigan job is wrong. You can't reject that which has never been offered. The fact that it should have been offered is the problem here.

There's just too much information, too many opinions...so for now, I'm done giving mine. I'm waiting for real news. No more unnamed sources. No more rumormongering. I am waiting. Waiting for ink on paper. Waiting for press conferences. In the blognews age, it's too difficult for a fan to keep up with what is right and what is wrong.

But know this: This program is not dead. This program is not on life support. We are still the leaders and best. We are still the victors valiant. Hail to the Victors and all that shit. So relax. Flirting with disaster is not disaster itself.

Patience. Don't burn any couches until you learn officially that Debord and English are sticking around.

I drive by Michigan Stadium twice a day. It has occurred to me that in all of the pressure of the Ohio State game, and the goodbyes we gave to Henne, Hart, and Lloyd, we forgot to say goodbye to the oldest icon in Michigan football history...the Big House itself. I've watched day by day as the concrete has been torn up around the press box, and giant holes have been dug for the massive support beams that will hold up the structures that will tower over us for years to come. Today I noticed that the press box, which has been a part of the Big House since 1956, is beginning to come down.

Things are never going to be the same, are they?