The International Bowl Has Been Renamed...

...the Candidates Bowl.

It occurs on January 5th, which is crap. There shouldn't be any bowls between the BCS bowls and the BCS championship. Also, it's in Canada, which is steaming crap. And finally, it has Ball State and Rutgers in it, which is a really horrible matchup of two programs who have a rich history of jack shit. But it became important.

It's Brady Hoke vs. Greg Schiano. The coaching hire that would have the Wolverine faithful putting Bill Martin on a boat trip with Chuck Muer takes on the coach that has been given so much by his University that he'd be a huge ass for leaving for anywhere other than Penn State... which if we did manage to hire him he would leave us for immediately when Paterno steps down.
All of this excitement comes from the breaking news in the New York Times...

Rutgers Coach Greg Schiano interviewed for the coaching vacancy at Michigan on Wednesday, according to a person who was briefed on the meeting but was not authorized to speak about it.

Was it HerbstreitDesmond? Maybe Fake Desmond? Jesus Christ...can we plug the leaks here?!?! Maybe it was Lloyd Carr himself? Here's an excerpt from an email I got from an anonymous tipster that spends alot of time on message advised...all rumor and conjecture (sort of):

Early today a media friend from Florida shed some light on what happened this weekend that is quite disturbing. According to him, the "source"who leaked the story to Herbstreit was none other than LC himself, further that this leak had been floated for the better part of 4 days and no national media was biting, including SEC's tv partner, which whom he has contact.

Even further, my media friend was on the field prior to the SEC game as part of his job and saw Les speaking with a very prominent announcer who consoled Les by saying "I'm sorry Lloyd f**ked you", to which Les responded - "Yes, he sure did."

I was told much more this morning, enough that forced me to leave the office and hit the gym to work off the anger. So much more that I may share later but for now it would be fruitless.

Suffice to say I learned two important things today - one, this college football world is a very small, incestuous pool (so small that when Sweater Vest chided Kirk on his "sources" during the Sunday telecast he knew EXACTLY who that source was) and two, the coaches of the Michigan football program are NOT held in high regard as to their abilities by the rest of the collegiate coaching community.

Bottom line is this - Martin's boat trip, MSC's predelications and everything else are all ir-f-ing-relvant. LC has a fifteen year agenda against LM, simple as that.

That's right folks, the search just one man.

Does Jim Carty's journalism know no bounds? Um, well, he did go to Rutgers, so he's got this story to tell about the hardest working man in New Jersey outside of Jon Bon Jovi.

If Schiano becomes the next football coach at the University of Michigan - and he appears to now be the leading candidate, with Rutgers confirming he has interviewed for the job - no one will outwork him. That's the first thing you need to know.

Hmmmmmmm. Not Miles....but not Debord or English. Maybe?