I Want to Play Oklahoma

Not exactly hot off the press, but Ohio State and Oklahoma have inked a deal for a home-at-home for 2016-17. I must say, I am a bit jealous. The Buckeyes are finishing off a home-at-home with Texas at Austin in week 2, and they're already making plans for another...wait a second...does that say 2016-17? That's TEN YEARS FROM NOW. What the hell? The players that will play in that game are currently in fourth grade. That's planning ahead! Way to go AD Andy Geiger Tressel Puppet Gene Smith. Hey Gene, have I told you how much I love your pedigree? Nothing makes me happier than Notre Dame alum turned Buckeye. Big fan, Gene, big fan.

Anyway, I really am a bit jealous. Michigan's home schedule has all of the excitement of a Jesus Figueroa baseball card. You might find yourself going a little crazy, doing the math and rolling the seat license fee into the price of each ticket, bringing the pre-parking price of each game to just shy of a ticket to the Super Bowl. All of this for a glossy pass that you could get on the corner of Stadium and Main for $20 at 11:55pm. So goes the ebb and flow of the Michigan season ticket. Next year, you'll be happy you signed up to see a September to remember. And you never know, surprises lurk around every corner in the Big Ten. That mid-October battle with Iowa could be a matchup of top-10 teams. If those damn Hawkeyes can just find a way to beat the Big Sky's Montana Grizzlies and that pesky Big 12 menace, Iowa State. But just a note to Billy Martin...we've got 2 TBA's on that 2008 schedule...can you do something cool? It doesn't have to be a perennial power, just give me something different, ANYTHING different.

Rounding up the weekend that was across those pesky internets...

  • The AP poll was unveiled, and all I've got is questions. How many of you pollsters just copied the USA Today poll because it came out first? Is this the one they do use for the BCS ranking, or the one they don't use? When do I get to see the Harris Poll? Are they still using those computers? Damn you BCS, you complicated bastard. One of my favorite picks that appears in both polls is West Virginia, the last piece of a dying Big East conference. Ranking a team because their schedule is weak and they have a good chance of going undefeated works well. Just ask Purdue, who cracked the preseason top 25 last year because they drew the famous "Michigan AND Ohio State skip." They went on to fall to Minnesota in their Big Ten opener, and went 0-5 in the month of October. It just goes to show you that it doesn't matter who you play. When you are Purdue suck, you suck[AP Poll ESPN]

  • Drew Sharp would like to remind you that outhouses are far superior to indoor plumbing, the home computer is just a passing fad, and Ohio State is better than Michigan. [Freep.com]

  • Lamar Woodley as Captain Obvious: "If you finish your degree while you're here, you don't have to come back to get it." [Detroit News]

  • Hey, did you know that Michigan is motivated by last year's disappointing season? Did you know that I am motivated by inspiring stories of doctors that work on Barbaro[Detroit News]

  • Matt Leinart and I have played in the same amount of NFL games. But, would you believe I've seen more NFL games than him? [The Hater Nation]

  • Still having nightmares about Todd Howard? Get up to speed on the Michigan D-Backs with this one... [Blah Me To Death]

  • We kicked the Spartan's ass. No, not those Spartans. I take that back, we kick those Spartan's asses too[BigTen.com]

  • In lay-up pun-maker news, the Wolverines inked their 11th commitment for 2007, and his name is Maze...get it? Maze... It's like Maize, but it's really not. [Ronald Bellamy's Underachieving All-Stars]