Slocum if You Got 'Em

A couple of quick hitter news items, and I will start with the most recent, which is the campus arrival of Marques Slocum. Marques was not only part of the #2 ranked recruiting class of 2005, he was the feature of it. Slocum had some issues with some standardized tests, which Neon told me are racially biased anyway. Continuing the never ending loop of the Michigan blogosphere, I will send you to MGoBlog, which offers quality information on how Marques never gave up... punctuated with a solid Michigan State joke...

I've never seen a recruit this tenaciously determined to go to school here. Anybody else would be in their second year at a JUCO or receiving a PhD from Michigan State by now. He's in. He's got to do well in Astro 111 and then he'll be given a winged helmet. I am available for tutoring sessions, Marques, and if provided with a nice Che-like vector graphic of your face will print "I WANT TO BELIEVE" T-shirts, except that's an NCAA violation so I won't. [MGoBlog]
In "largest pre-season class ever assembled" news, Junior Hemmingway

("Junior" is his name, not his class) of South Carolina has made his decision, and it's Michigan. Michigan Sports Center has already posted twice about it, so I'll let them take it from here ...and here.

This is a great pickup for Michigan nonetheless, especially when it comes over a team like Notre Dame. It's pretty good that Michigan could go into South Carolina and lure him away from Spurrier when his final choice was made. I imagine it'd be pretty hard to recruit against a school in their home state, but the Wolverines pulled it off.

And finally, tomorrow is Michigan Fan Day. 

It starts early. Gates open at 8:30am. It's time to start setting that mental clock for weekend wake-up, so maybe I'll head out there and give the camera some exercise. Anybody else want to go?