The $400 Magic 8-Ball

You don't need season preview magsCorso or Herbstreit or Mark May. You don't need The Wolverine Football Season Preview in all of its glossy glory. You don't need websites or weblogs or monkeys throwing darts. Everything you need to get an accurate gaze into the future is right there in your living room, right under your TV. It's sleek, it's off-white, it has cool glowing green lights, and it sends millions of pixels of HD glory right to your idiot box. It's the XBox 360. Not an early adopter? All it takes is 399 bucks and a dream...oh and another 60 for EA Sports NCAA Football 2007.

Since first took flight, I've been taking the simulated season and posting the results before the first game. It started with the Playstation 2, went to the XBox, and now it is as advanced as it has ever been on the XBox 360. Fun? Perhaps. Accurate? Rarely. Waste of time for you and me? Absolutely.

As with previous years, I will give you the full season overview now, and drop the individual game scores on a week-to-week basis:

The Michigan Wolverines finish 9-4, 6-2 in the Big Ten. That alone should clue you in to some obvious outcomes. The final Big Ten standings look like this:

  1. Minnesota

  2. Penn State

  3. Michigan

  4. Ohio State

  5. Wisconsin

  6. Iowa

  7. Purdue

  8. Illinois

  9. Indiana

  10. Michigan State

  11. Northwestern

The final AP poll looks like this (and keep in mind I removed Rhett Bomar from the Sooners)

  1. Oklahoma

  2. West Virginia

  3. Louisville

  4. Auburn

  5. Texas

  6. Nebraska

  7. Florida

  8. Notre Dame

  9. Virginia Tech

  10. Utah

The BCS Bowls plus Big Ten Bowl appearances look like this:

  • Champs Sports Bowl: Iowa vs. Virginia Tech

  • Alamo Bowl: Kansas State vs. Wisconsin

  • Outback Bowl: Tennessee vs. Ohio State

  • Capital One Bowl: Florida vs. Penn State

  • Rose Bowl: Minnesota vs. USC

  • Orange Bowl: Georgia Tech vs. West Virginia

  • Sugar Bowl: Louisville vs. Michigan

  • Fiesta Bowl: Nebraska vs. Utah

  • BCS National Championship: Auburn vs. Oklahoma

The Heisman Trophy goes to RB Kenny Irons of Auburn.

Individual accolades for Wolverines:

  • First Team All-American: Alan Branch

  • Second Team All-American: Steve Breaston

  • Steve Breaston finishes 5th in Heisman voting

  • First Team All-Big Ten selections:
    • Alan Branch

    • Mark Bihl

    • Jake Long

    • Mike Hart

    • Morgan Trent

    • Prescott Burgess

    • Steve Breaston

    • Tim Jamison

    • Willis Barringer
  • Second Team All Big Ten
    • Adam Kraus

    • Chad Henne

    • Garret Rivas

Interesting that we have a couple of All-Big Ten selections that are not currently listed as starters. Can you live with 9-4 and a BCS Bowl game?