Excuses or Reality

by Tuba

Do you believe in the element of surprise or executing to perfect? I'm not sure practice is a fair assessment for a game. And I don't think coaches would disagree with me on that one. It is widely accepted that we run a simplified playbook to begin the season and more importantly against weaker opponents. I understand this, but in order to prepare for Notre Dame, wouldn't you feel more comfortable running plays that we actually plan on running against them? 

Certainly there is room for improvement after game one. However, I couldn't be happier. It's a lot easier to correct than to wonder and we have plenty to correct. Fans and the media alike were complaining about our lack of offense against Vanderbilt but we blew at least four potential scoring opportunities. Just listen to Lloyd...

"I think we had four opportunities to score touchdowns that we did not take advantage of. We missed (Mike) Massey down the sideline for a touchdown. We dropped a pass that was a certain touchdown. I thought (Mario) Manningham caught the ball on the two, that certainly would have given us an opportunity on first down there, at the 2-yard line. And we fumbled the football down I think on the 19-yard line. So we had four scorers there that we did not take advantage of, and we missed a field goal. Those are things that certainly we have to do better." (courtesy of mgoblue.com)

This quote makes me feel good. It takes my attention away from the score and puts it on the actual lack of execution. From our receivers, to our offensive line to at times our quaterback and tight end. Room to improve and time to do it.

On the other hand, I'm very excited about Brandon Minor and the running game. We'll rack up a ton of rushing yards and the score will be kept in check. Mike Hart should have another big day as well. The one thing about these rule changes involving the clock will put a premium on the running game and I like that. This gives us a decided advantage with a healthy Mike Hart. It will help us close out games. And if the team tries to cheat defensively we have the weapons to burn them through the air. I'm excited folks and you should be too. Can't wait for a true test. Don't look past Central though. CMU will test the right side of our line with their stud DE Dan Bazuin and I think that's a good thing. They'll play us tough but I think we'll be able to pull this one off as well. Prediction will come Friday. Droppin' it...