Central Predictions

The Hammer:

I can't wait for this game. I hope Dan Bazuin is as good as advertised

because we need to work out the kinks on the offensive line. And yes you

can have kinks after one game. We'll still win this one with what will

become our calling card this year...a well executed running attack. But it

will be a tough one in the big house.

Michigan 24
Cmu 10

OMVP: Mike Hart
DMVP: Rondell Biggs

Johnny Cleveland:

Due to his respect for his former team, coach DeBord plays it conservitive
and a couple sustained drives end in field goals. However a turnover and
some trick plays give Central an early lead 10-6. The D is scorned at
halftime and for the sake of the Chips hopefully their quarterback is able
to sustain life. A late touchdown run by Forcier caps a solid second half
preparing us for South Bend.

UM 35
CMU 13

OMVP: Chad Henne
DMVP: Alan Branch

The Webmaster:

I have a few statements to make that are totally non-game related:

  1. I am offended by Central's use of an American Indian mascot.

  2. Michigan State once lost to Central Michigan in back-to-back seasons.

  3. I can't get a grip on these short weeks

  4. Chad Henne might still win the Heisman

And then a few game related ones:

  1. Mike Hart will get 175+

  2. Steve Breaston will get a special teams touchdown

  3. Central Michigan will not score

Michigan 45 - Central Michigan 0

OMVP: Mike Hart
DMVP: Legendary Leon