This is Homecoming....This is Home

Let me start by saying that Michigan showed up on Saturday. As previously posted, minus our limited skirmish with one member of the Axis of Evil, we have failed to look like anything remotely resembling a quality football team in our games, and particularly in the first half of those games. No matter how inferior the opponent, we have played down to their level. Not so against Purdue. It was the performance we were waiting for from Chad and Mario. Having that tandem clicking along with Mike Hart is exactly what we need to have through November.

If there was ever a statline that conveyed the idea of "nuff said," it's this one: Michigan did not have a single three-and-out offensive drive. So there it is...'nuff said. Michigan 48, Purdue 21. And considering I have an Elliot-E.T. type relationship with Mike Hart, I can tell you that we're a little sore, it's a light sprain, and we plan to carry the load and keep Juice off the field next Saturday.

It is with a warm heart that I move the focus of this post from the events on the field of play to our tailgate home on the golf course. Saturday marked my 100th consecutive Michigan Football game. It's something that some may call an "accomplishment." Others may find completely crazy. It is a feat that is not completely foreign to, as our own Bubba and Stephen hit the mark together two years ago, and have continued the streak (along with having six kids between them) up through today. Regardless, it is something I am happy to have done and am certainly proud of. Moreover, the flag, created in 2001 to honor the best of our tailgaters, now flies proudly over our tailgate with my name on it, the 8th name to be added in our 8 seasons of existence as And as funny or pointless many may find this privately run "Hall of Fame," it is an honor for me to be included with this amazing group of people.

 I relived the ceremony through the pictures just moments ago (nice photog work Tuba), and wish to extend my sincere thanks to Stephen, Captain Michigan, and the Godfather for their kind words and great gifts...and a shoutout to their wives too. Thanks to my family...The Old Man, who deep down hates all of this but shows up anyway, and to Sister Kristen and Bubba for getting me into this whole Michigan tailgate mess. To our other regulars, from the Dogan's and Sheppard's to the Hatzl's and Bush' always it was a great turnout and great participation. I personally had a few newcomers there that were very impressed with our spread of food and our organization. Little do they know that we operate perfectly with only a theme to guide us! I would also like to thank each and every person that made their way out to the tailgate. The attendance was amazing.

And now that I've talked all about me, I just want to reiterate that this amazing tailgate is not all about me. Being only able to quote Michigan men...I remind all of you that it is, always has been, and always will be about "the team, the team, the team." Saying that I could not do this without all of you would be incorrect. Because I don't do it. We do it. And I hope we continue to do it until Aiden gets his name on the flag too.