The Weekend Roundup: Fab Five Edition 10/16/07

Timeless? Yes, timeless. Some of us are old enough to remember the Fab Five. Our own Bubba and Sister Kristen were there for their arrival on campus. Countless others attended Michigan because of them. Their baggy shorts, their swagger, their was, for lack of a better word, the coolest thing ever to happen at the University of Michigan. Unfortunately, it all ended badly back in the early 90's. No National Championships in two Final Four appearances, an untimely time out, and only a skeleton crew of Ray Jackson and Jimmy King hanging around for the duration.

More unfortunately, it didn't actually end with the exit of the Fab Five. Marred by cash payouts, money laundering, and grand jury testimonies, the Fab Five left a mark on Michigan Basketball that was as black as their socks. Their legacy endured, with a continuing history of paid players like Louis Bullock and Robert Traylor. They made this team uncoachable. They made this team unfollowable. They were the scissors that cut down the banners, when they should have been cutting down the nets. They, for lack of a better term, ruined Michigan Basketball. 

Timeless Jalen? Absolutely.

We digress to the rest of the computer server generated news from the weekend...