Weekend Roundup: 4-To-Go Edition: 10/23/2007

Sometimes you have to stop and look at the big picture, right? The Wolverines have won six straight. There are four games to go. Win those four games, and there is only one team that can talk shit to you about App State....and that's Oregon. Hell, you might even get the chance to rematch those Ducks in the Rose Bowl and fix it all. Interesting scenarios abound...but at the center of it all? Winning the four games. Brown Jug. At Sparty. At Wisconsin. Buckeyes. A partial recovery from the worst start in the history of college football...so much more to go.

Is it really a weekend roundup when you don't do it until Tuesday night? Oh well, here's what you missed while you pondered who will play Sloth in the most anticipated sequel ever.