Weekend Roundup: Ranked Above USC Edition 10/29/07

It's an amazing thing, this college football. An entire sport, an entire system, predicated on the way you finish, not the way you start. And so goes 2007. Michigan #12 BCS, USC #19 BCS. Who would've thought that after App State and Oregon that Michigan was on the road to the Rose Bowl (maybe Citrus?), while USC would be thinking about a trip to San Diego for the Holiday Bowl. Like I said though, it's how you finish, and we're not finished yet...not by a long shot.

As for the Big Ten Championship, Michigan can still lose one of their next two and find themselves playing for it on Nov 17th. Everyone else has at least 2 Big Ten losses. First tiebreaker is the head-to-head matchup, and fortunately not who lost to a 1AA team. Yessir...all the marbles.

What you missed this weekend while planning your time behind bars: