See a Screening of Michigan - Ohio State Documentary

I was just contacted by someone at HBO regarding the Michigan - Ohio State documentary (full spot up on now with great Bo interview) that is premiering on November 13th. I have mentioned it several times before. It hit the media at this time last year because it contains one of Bo's last interviews, if not THE last. They are having an advance screening of it in Ann Arbor on Wednesday, November 7th. It's at the Michigan Theater, and it is invitation only. Fortunately, anyone that reads this is long as there are seats available. The catch? You have to RSVP.

I am heading out with a few tailgaters, so if you are going as well...send me an email and we can meet up. Again..YOU HAVE TO CALL THE NUMBER AND RESERVE YOUR SEAT. Should be fun. The number is 1-888-873-4584 in case you can't read it below. Hope to see you there, and pass it on. Let's fill the place with UMTailgaters!