That Sound You Hear is Mike Hart Laughing

It will be posted on their lockers for the next five years. It will make their blood boil. It will be a rallying cry. It will continue the perception that Michigan is arrogant. I couldn't care less. What is it? It's Mike Hart's postgame quote:

I was just laughing," Hart said of Michigan State taking the lead. "I thought it was funny. They got excited. Sometimes you get your little brother excited when you're playing basketball, and you let him get the lead, and then you come back and take it back."

You hear that Sparty? Mike Hart is laughing at you. He called you a 'little brother.' And there's nothing you can do about it until October 25, 2008. In fact, you can't even exact revenge on him. He'll be playing in the NFL and reminiscing about how he never lost to you in four starts and busted you for 100+ in each game.

There is a place here somewhere for humility, or perhaps charity. You just may want to feel bad for Sparty Nation. A loss Friday evening in basketball to Grand Valley State University and the finest choke job of the college football weekend against their perceived rival.

The night began with a pep rally for the Michigan State football team on the eve of its matchup with archrival Michigan. Coach Mark Dantonio and co-captain Travis Key spoke to the sellout crowd before the coaches and players formed a tunnel to welcome the basketball team.

Whoops. That's rough. But before you start feeling sympathetic towards lil bro, know that they were ready to flaunt the product of their inferiority complex if they had won. So ready were they to smack talk that they started to get lippy with 7:40 to go in the game. Up by ten and in the wake of (to that point) a dominating 2nd half on the ground, they had something they only seem to find in the Breslin Center...confidence. It must have felt good to have us on the ropes. From the sounds of the Spartan faithful around us, it felt a little too good. Of course, I use the term "Spartan faithful" loosely, because if you are a home fan and you only manage to garner tickets in the away section, just how big of a fan are you?

I am willing to admit, I was a Michigan Man of little faith when we were down by ten. I should have known better. No matter what happens, Sparty is still Sparty. They don't want to win by making plays and dominating the line of scrimmage. They want broken plays that result in big gains, odd turnovers, mystery penalties, mystery no-calls, and clock mishaps to result in wins that will be debated for all eternity. This was a real game...not good for Sparty. At the end of a real game, the better team wins. Make no mistake, despite the close call, Michigan was the better team.

That's it. Game over...28-24. 8 quarters remain for the comeback of the century that followed the upset of the century. Bucky're next.

The roadshow continued with a solid turnout. We welcomed back FryDaddy Frank with open arms, turning out an amazing overkill on food and drink with breakfast sandwiches, cheesy potatoes (of course), pulled pork sandwiches, boneless pork ribs, fried mac and cheese, fried cheese curds, garlic fries, and bloody marys.

Well done everybody...well done. See you in Madison.