The Weekend Roundup: To the VICTORS Go the Spoils Edition: 11/6/2007

Much has been made of the "war of words" between Mike Hart and Mark Dantonio. For the second time this season, a coach has responded to comments made by Mike Hart. Isn't that embarrassing for the coach? I mean, what kind of headway can you make as a leader of men when you are bantering back and forth with a student-athlete in a "I know you are but what am I?" fashion. Perhaps there's a case to be made that Mike needs to grow up. Fortunately for him, he's young and literally needs to grow up. As for Harbaugh and Dantonio...they ARE grown up, and they are acting like a couple of bitches more interested in winning a conversation with a 22 year old than winning football games. The Spartans and Cardinal(s) are basically lucky to get the national attention they are getting from Mike shitting on them. Get that fellas? Mike poops, and the location of his poop becomes news. You sirs, you are just toilets. Shut up and win.

Of course, this topic has been run through the ringer in the blogosphere. I will direct you to the post by MGoBlog, which continues my streak of linking to MGoBlog pretty much every time I write a post. He has a good take on it, and also links to the rest of the good takes across said blogosphere. (Spartans, Your Profession is Loser - MGoBlog):

But seriously folks, the one thing the Michigan State program needed was a monomaniacal focus on Michigan. It needed a coach who would install a countdown clock to their eighth straight loss in the series. It needed a man who would stand up and say "you know what, guys? All those other games we play are stupid and we shouldn't try very hard in them." It needed a guy who would teach his resilient troops to follow his example by bitching to the assembled media a full two days after his team blew it again. It needed a man who could forge them into a cohesive unit capable of picking up critical personal fouls at the very worst time possible. See, the problem with Michigan State is that occasionally they enter the fourth quarter of games leading. And Michigan State needs a man who can blow that lead, preferably in really, really painful fashion.

Friends, Mark Dantonio is that man.

I dream of writing shit like that. Damn you mgoblog! Other takes on Hart vs. Dantonio to look at when you are not on a quest to find every abandoned Chi-Chi's in the nation

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