Hmmmm....Interesting Choice of Words

Les Miles presser certainly left the door open, and makes the whole thing look like a cover to make his players think all is well going into the SEC championship game. I guess we will have more answers tonight. Then we'll have more answers tomorrow. And on and on until there is ink on paper.

Make no mistake, he did not say "I will not be the coach at Michigan."

Right now, he's just pissed at the leaks. F'n Herbstreit messing with our shit.
Also, he took no questions. Hmmmmm.

This is a circus.

MGoBlog echoes these sentiments and more, and has a full transcript if you missed the presser

***UPDATE: Les Miles went a step further in his pregame interview, saying he will be the coach of LSU next year.  So now it's done.  I think.