Champ vs. Champ, and Make It 3 from the Sunshine State

There will be so many Michigan references leading up to this one that they might as well televise it on the BTN. On college football opening weekend (8/30), our old friend Appalachian State will take on our other old friend Les Miles in a battle of National Champions from the two D1 subdivisions.

Chances of an upset? Zero. Just like when they played us.

I don't know what LSU is thinking with this. Did we not give them the best example of a worst case scenario with what happened last year? There is nothing to gain from playing the Mountaineers.

On the recruiting front, Michigan got their 24th commitment...their third from Florida. It's all about the speed baby. An article from the Sun Sentinel announces the LOI from wide receiver Martavious Odoms. (via MGoBlog)

The Weekend Roundup: You Can Hear A Pin Drop Edition: 12/10/07

It's been all quiet at Fort Schembechler since the media blackout. OK, just kidding. Rumors are still flying.

From the coaching front:

The rest of the weekend internets that you missed because you were  dizzy from inhaling pig brains.

The Wrath of Carr

MLive has a play-by-play recap of the day's events, which includes this little gem:

A source close to the situation said what was always a close call was pushed the breaking point by the two-week interval between Carr's retirement and the SEC title game, and the combination of LSU's hefty contract offer and the ESPN report on game day made Miles opt to stay.

The source would not comment when asked if Carr's silence on Miles candidacy - widely interpreted as a sign of animosity between the two men and Carr's opposition to Miles succeeding him - was a factor in the decision.


Worst Day Ever.

As you can see, my Saturdays are now open to blogging.

Anyway, losing a coach that may be on his way to the National Championship game is one thing, losing to the coach you fired in basketball is another, and watching as not one, but both, of the teams that you were rooting for to win lost....thereby sending your arch enemy to New Orleans for back-to-back BCS Championship appearances.

Les Miles has all but signed on the dotted line, and the court of public opinion blames Michigan for the way things were handled. This, among other things, makes it look like Kirk Herbstreit, former QB of THE ENEMY somehow speaks on behalf of people in prominent places in our program. On Monday it will probably be announced that good ol' Kirk is on our selection committee. Maybe he can replace Mike Debord at OC.

All kidding and hatred aside...I would probably take him over Mike Debord.

Then, as everything became somewhat official, and you made your peace with the fact that the next coach would not be a Michigan thought you'd glance in on the Michigan-Harvard basketball score online...since it's televised on ESPNU, and of course there's no ESPNU in this college town. Only slightly phased by a 28-22 halftime deficit, you think it will all turn out all right. It doesn't. Michigan basketball's new era falls to it's old era. Amaker's Army, consisting only of non-scholarship, ivy-league "athletes," takes down the Wolverines.

Okay, least Ohio State's heart will be broken by an unstoppable West Virginia offense and an upstart Missouri program out for revenge for a previous loss. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. No. And instead of one of them losing, they both lost. Laurinaitis gets to dine with EmerilYou get breakfast with Mickey Mouse.

The bathtub is full. The toaster is plugged in.